Micro Shunt implantation


Glaucoma - implants


In circumstances where glaucoma is not controlled in a satisfactory manner, by pharmacological treatments or drops after laser intervention such as NdYAG laser iridotomy or a Selective laser trabeculoplasty / SLT / and after filtering surgery / trabeculectomy / the solution appears as the use of drainage implants .


Older generation drain implants (Molteno, Ahmed) consisting of a silicone tube with or without a valve, which enable everyone passive swelling of aqueous humor from the anterior chamber in the episcleral space, leading to a reduction in intraocular pressure, and thus, control glaucoma.


A more modern approach, used in MILMEDIC is based on the installation of EXpress ™ mini shunt.It is used in glaucoma that is not adequately regulated by other therapies, as well as uncomplicated glaucoma. The device is placed with valvula under the scleral flap during the modified trabeculectomy intervention.


The surgery typically provides very successfully reduction of intraocular pressure, which is being successfully stabilized in the long-term. The intervention itself is virtually painless and is performed under local anesthetic drops, the same day the patient is discharged home and the effect is achieved almost instantly.


The possibility for the occurrence of complications is minimal, and EXpress ™ mini shunt is made of top quality material which provides to virtually unlimited duration.

Surgical team on MILMEDIC clinic has significant experience in glaucoma surgery, and installation of micro shunt, due to its efficiency, is the method of choice, and we recommend it with confidence.