A cataract is a opacification of the lens of the eye formed on the basis of morphological changes that lead to the obstruction of the passage of light, and therefore a loss of vision .


Today the disease is a common cause of reduced quality of vision, especially in the elderly population and younger persons.

Causes of this disease are numerous, and cataracts can be classified into two groups: congenital and acquired . Most acquired cataracts develop as a consequence of biological aging eye and the senile cataract .


Cataract may be of different features, the localization , staining , hardness , etc. lenses . In clinical practice dominates the front or rear sub-capsular cataracts, cortical and nuclear cataracts.

Over time cataracts typically progressively evolve towards mature cataracts , which further reduces visual acuity and difficultly of surgery / PHACO / .


For this reason, patients may be advised not to wait for the cataract "to mature ' as the clinic MILMEDIC considers that for outdated concept.


Cataracts are a common companion of systemic and metabolic diseases such as diabetes / diabetes mellitus / . In this case , cataract surgery is a prerequisite for the visualization of the posterior segment of the eye, as well as further treatment / LPC chorioretina / and in such circumstances, we recommend that the intervention does not wait. Secondary complicated cataracts occur as a result of other primary eye diseases , such as chronic uveitis , glaucoma , PEX syndrome , myopia or retinitis pigmentosa. Traumatic cataract is the result of eye injuries and frequent in younger people .


Congenital cataracts are congenital and often hereditary in nature, in terms of genetic mutations , intrauterine infections and the like. Phacoemulsification surgery / PHACO / with intraocular lens implantation is the method of choice for cataract surgery . Top surgical team led by Prof. M.Vukosavljević at MILMEDIC , its extensive experience , with superior equipment , ensures the successful surgical treatment of all types of cataracts.